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Unavoidable Problem and its Solution

There are already 1.2 billion vehicles on roads worldwide, and by 2035, the number will increase to 2 billion. The exhaust fumes from these cars not only endanger humanity’s health but also the very foundation of our ecosystem. Numerous researches and international treaties are warning this continually growing problem. The need to tackle this problem is indisputable. Fortunately, we have solutions to combat such a growing problem. Using clean energy and electric vehicle that does not exhaust fumes is one of the most intuitive and realistic solutions. This vision could be accepted in several communities, countries, and organizations.

Advantages of Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles can both contribute to the ecosystem and benefit the user with economic and managerial advantage. The vehicle is easy to charge, manage, and operate, and most importantly, replaces the expensive gas/oil price with the cheap electricity bill. CyClean is building the platform based on a real product that is more superior than competitive products in its price line. Based on our strong vision and on-going business model, we will expand the platform rapidly. Currently, our business model covers electric bicycles and electrical motorbikes, but we seek to expand towards electric cars.

Beyond just Sales Business

Because the CyClean project is based on a functioning business model and real product line, we offer more than just future potential, to-be-completed values to our contributors. We can offer clear and concrete visions. Most basically, the CyClean coin can be used for rental services with its smart contract feature. We currently operate in South Korea and plan to expand the business to South East Asia according to our roadmap. CyClean vehicles are equipped with a wireless network so its location can be easily tracked for management. After CyClean platform has fully emerged with our rental service, we will further proceed to airdrop JPAY SILVER based on CyClean coin possession to sales member stores, and also allow A/S service and parts sales service to utilize CyClean coin. For these reasons, the CyClean coin can grow positively on both the seller’s side and the buyer’s side.

Rightful Reward for the Right Cause

The CyClean platform will develop upon both internal business schema and external partnership with related resources and organizations. Regarding carbon credit and carbon project, the CyClean platform will increasingly have more to contribute. Renowned NGOs and governments have already invested enormous resources on this issue of vehicle gas emissions and will continue to raise the bar. These kinds of green capital can create synergy with the CyClean platform and produce further benefits. Additionally, we will redistribute part of the profit generated within the platform and also conduct promotion with airdrops. During the main ICO, we will reveal how the CyClean coin is mined which will show how CyClean coin tackles with the proposed environmental problem.

Vernacular Cryptocurrency Ecosystem-JPAY PLATFORM

CyClean platform intends to generate synergy within JPAY platform as a special purpose platform. JPAY platform is based on a 2 layered coin system which solved the problems of 1) fluctuating price, 2) confirmation time delay for payment system of the cryptocurrency market. Based on this vernacular and flexible blockchain system, JPAY platform encompasses game, e-commerce, cryptocurrency exchange, offline exchange combined with crypto-mecca, MVNO smartphone business, JPAY Kiosk system, JPAY machine, and JPAY member stores business. The CyClean platform seeks synergy within such comprehensive platform and operates airdrop event for the possession of JPAY based on announced schedules. CyClean Platform will uphold rental services based on smart contract feature, MVNO services, JPAY machine utilizations within JPAY Platform.

Rent CyClean products with CyClean Coins, and Get CyClean Coins by CyClean Products

It is possible to rent CyClean products (electric bicycle, electric motorbike, electric car, and ESS sunlight panel unit) that effectively solve environmental problems with CyClean coins. The very act of using these CyClean products gets a reward of CyClean emission (as compared to traditional mining that wastes a tremendous amount of electricity). This long-term and effective solution to the environmental problems possible. CyClean vehicles replace previous vehicles with exhaust fumes problem and CyClean energy units replace previous energy production measure with environmental side effects. Therefore using CyClean products itself deserves rewards of CyClean emission coins for contributing to the holistic ecosystem. CyClean makes the clean and virtuous cycle a reality.

Future of CyClean Self-driving Electric Car

CyClean Platform is already researching about the self-driving electric car. Car, as a transportation measure, has long been humanity’s most useful and popular tool. But we can no longer let gasoline and gas cars to harm our health and our ecosystem. Of course, to general customers, only replacing the energy source from gasoline and gas to electricity may not be appealing enough. But when combined with the self-driving feature, electric cars are more advantageous in terms of integrating the computer system with the vehicle. Additionally, by using a CyClean car, users can both contribute to the ecosystem and get rewards as CyClean coins. With long terms usages, we can replace previous vehicles with our clean cycle.

Current R & D Objectives

1. Inclusive Design
2. Progressive Design
3. Future Lifestyle for Vehicle Design
1. Electric car ABS tech
2. Automatic Break Control System (AEB)
3. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
4. Autonomous cruise control system (ACC)
5. TJA:Traffic Jam Assistance
6. Lane Keeping Assistant system (LKAS)
7. Deep Learning Based Fully Autonomous Driving Module
1. Electric Car Safety Test and Confirmation
2. Get certificate for self-driving car

R&D Schedule (Could be modified)

2018 2Q - 4Q
2019 1Q - 4Q
Develop Service Design
Feature/System Design
Electric Car Body Design
UX/UI Design
Product Pipeline Design & Develop
4 Wheel Steer Robot Power-train R&D
Self-driving Car Augmentation
Service Design Develop(2)
Self-Driving & Safe-Driving Algorithm R&D
Self-Driving Vehicle Certificate
Monitoring System _ Vehicle R&D
Design Decision & CMF D&D
Manufacturing Scheduling & Preparation

White Paper

Want to know more about CyClean?


CyClean coin is integrated with JPAY platform which is already implemented and being used as cryptocurrency payment system across all of South Korea. Within this platform, CyClean coin is used to pay mobile service fee, rental fee for electric bicycle, electric motorbike, ESS sunlight panel unit, JPAY machine, JPAY Kiosk, and indoor health bike based on its smart contract feature.

Road Map

Green Text - Completed Project

  • 2018 2Q

    Completion of Pre ICO, Main ICO
    Platform Soft Launch
    Deployment of business
    Connect well established Manufacturers
    Initiate Self-driving car research

  • 2018 3Q

    Exchange Listing
    Mining Deployment
    Prepare CyClean Franchise
    Discover paths to energy business
    Connect to big partners for growth of CyClean

  • 2018 4Q

    Full platform + business launch
    Develop a legal entity abroad
    Entities and licensing for global expansion
    Get expansion on energy sector

  • 2019 1Q

    Expansion of platform to Southeast Asia
    Get involved in government backed programs

  • 2019 2Q
    Partnership with NGOs and Governments
    Connect Carbon Offset, Carbon Project
    Involve government policy to subsidize CyClean